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We are an organization and deals in stock and we supply chemical products : diazepam,morphine sulphate ketamine,oxycodone,amphetamine metampehtamine,roxycodone ephedrine,nembutal,valium xenical,dupaston,viagra,sustanon Xanax pills and power , EP(Ethylphenidate ) A-PVP color crystal and powder Methylone ,ethylone 4cmc ,4mec ,4bmc 4mmc ,3mmc ,4-fa 5-apb ,6-apb ,clenbutarol, pv-8,pv999, 3-MEO-PCP,4-MEO-PCP , FAB144 ,ur-144,fur144, MMB2201 ,NM2201 ,THJ2201 ,AM2201 AB-PINACA ,Ketamine , pb22,5fpb-22, 5f-SDB,5fmn18 AM2201 ,NM2201 THJ2201 , 25c-nbome ,25I-NBOME BK-MBDP,the SDB006, AB-Pinaca,AB-Fubinaca ,AB-Pinaca , and so on .if you interested in Contact with below is the price list of other various products ==Acthar== $28000 a vial of 5milimeters ==Zaltrap ==vial of 100mg of Zaltrap is $400 and 200mg vial cost $850 ==Xeljanz==price per pill cost $30 and 60 pills cost $1800. ==Tecfidera===120mg capsules for $400 for one week and 240mg cost $2200 for 4 weeks ==Soliris====10mg/30ml vial for $1500 ==Iclusig ==== 15mg 30 tablets cost $4000 and 45mg 30tablets cost $8500 ==Folotyn===2ml of 40mg/2ml 1 vial cost $6000 and 1ml of 20mg/ml 1 vial cost $2800 ==Elaprase===3ml of 6mg/3ml 1 vial cost $1800 ==Cerezyme==== 200 units 1 vial cost $600 and 400 units 1 vial cost $1100 ==Avastin==== 4ml of 100mg/4ml 2 vials cost $1000 and 16ml of 400mg/16ml 2 vials $2000 Email text/call:+1 (307) 363-0295

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